I grew up in backwoods, Alabama and I couldn’t wait to leave! Don’t get me wrong – there’s some amazing folks in my little hometown of Cordova, but y’all – there was a world out there and I just had to see it! That’s exactly what I’ve done.

While living in Australia, I worked in a country pub and was ‘discovered’ by Australia’s leading country music artist. That was in 2002, and since then, I’ve recorded three albums, a variety of music videos and have had great success in charts throughout the world – including several #1’s! I must admit, I specialize in ‘sad’ songs, but there’s quite a few upbeat ‘country rock’ songs, as well.

All in all, I’m so very blessed to have met so many wonderful people through music, and they are a major reason I have been as successful as I am. I had a dream and I sometimes pinch myself, as I still can’t believe I get to live a life that I never imagined possible in a million years!